Chikalwadi: Death and Life on the Margins

Two slums on the Deonar dumping ground, Sant Nirankari Nagar and Chikalwadi, faced demolitions by the BMC in February and March 2011. No notice was given by the BMC. In fact, in the case of Nirankari Nagar, the notice was for a completely different slum. Nearly 250 houses were destroyed. Its mid-April now, and the houses remain unbuilt. Exposed to the elements, a 4-month-old baby died in Nirankari Nagar on the 10th of March.

Meanwhile the BMC faces a PIL(Public Interest Litigation) for handing over the dumping ground to United Phosphorus Ltd. (UPL). The PIL alleges that the BMC is paying UPL over 4000 crores a year to process garbage that other companies were willing to do for free.

Here’s a video that was shot two days after the demolitions in Chikalwadi.


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