Golibar Resistance – A Brief History

Ganesh Krupa Society (GKS) is just one among 46 Societies in a gigantic slum called Golibar. These Societies are slated for redevelopment under the aegis of Shivalik Ventures and the Slum Redevelopment Authority.

GKS used to comprise 323 homes, but at last count we stand at 172. We are being driven off this land that we have lived on for 60 years, and paid property tax on, by Shivalik Ventures.

In 1994, Ganesh Krupa Society (comprising 323 homes) was formed and in 1996, declared a slum for rehabilitation purposes. A year later the Society paid property assessment tax of Rs. 5 lakhs and so the households gained a legal foothold on their land.

Golibar (also known as Jawahar Nagar)’s 46 societies are to be demolished to make way for a project called Santa City. But we, who are one of the Societies, never appointed Shivalik Ventures (Unitech Builders holds fifty percent stake in this, the country’s second largest real estate company), who is trying to “develop” our land. But our agreement was with a different builder – Madhu Constructions.

In 2004, Madhu Constructions got a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the SRA, for construction. On March 2, 2008, without the approval of the Society, Madhu Constructions entered into an agreement with Shivalik Ventures. The builders should have sought our consent legally. Instead they forged our signatures on the mandatory letter of consent. Although directed by the High Court to investigate this case of fraud, the police is not taking any action.

Despite all this, the Civil Courts dismissed our objections to this builder. They ruled that we must hand over our land, on condition that we be given transit accommodation and rehabilitation in keeping with the SRA rules. We have filed a Writ Petition in court, arguing that neither transit nor rehabilitation is legally satisfactory so far.

In terms of rehabilitation, the SRA and Shivalik Ventures have built a 14-storey building, which is illegal and has built it on Air Force land. The Air Force has taken MHADA and Shivalik Ventures to court over this and a judgment is awaited.

Despite all these irregularities, MHADA and the police arrive with great regularity to evict us and break down our houses.

Write about us, film our struggle, support us.


6 Responses to About

  1. Harsh says:

    I as an enlightened citizen am with you and let me know what can I do to help you.

  2. Pooja says:

    I would really be looking forward to support this cause in any way

  3. my parents are fighting civil case in thane court last 5 years but no result. my father bought piece of plot at panchpakadi thane west . was paying all property taxes as well as thane municipal taxes still 2008. Index-II is there all document is legal. but one fine day Thane Municipal officers came started demolishing our structure on the plot. made it vacant and hand over our property to local MLA subash Bhoir and his partner Mr. Bhekhare & company(the defendants). These politician within 5 years constructed multi-storey towers.
    still my old parents are fighting civil case in thane court. our misfortune our lawyer was also bribed by defendants. my parents who is the land owner did not get single money . today our land property cost is more than 10 corer Rupees. and my parents don’t have their own home also. we have all legal papers as well as case papers. matter is pending in thane court. my father is 71 year old and my mother is 64 year old . is there any justice……..

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