Chikalwadi, Mumbai

Govt. Pleader to file Affidavit in Mumbai HC;

Case listed at 3 p.m. tomorrow

The Maharashtra State government has, in a shocking breach of faith, indicated that they would scrap the committees formed during the 9-day long fast undertaken by Medha Patkar and others at Golibar, Mumbai and hand over the enquiry to an already existing High Powered Committee of the government.

The government had formed two committees comprising of nominees by the Government as well as people’s organizations and was to be headed by Retd. (Justice) Suresh Hosbet. The committees were formed as fact-finding committees that would look into the many illegalities in the implementation of the Slum Rehabilitation project at Golibar and 15 other critical cases of corruption and misappropriation through the Slum Rehabilitation schemes, brought out by suffering slum dwellers across Mumbai and make recommendations to the Government.

The residents of Golibar and Ganesh Krupa Society, one of the 46 project-affected societies in Golibar had, in a non-violent and peaceful manner been protesting against the fraudulent and repressive ways in which the Slum Rehabilitation project was being carried out on their land, by the developer Shivalik Ventures, which has changed its name many times over. Shivalik Ventures had forged signatures of the slum-dwellers to indicate that it has the mandatory 70% consent for taking up the Slum Rehabilitation project. Further, it has encroached on land belonging to the Ministry of Defence to build permanent rehabilitation for the evicted slum-dwellers. It has also flouted norms laid down the Railways Ministry, which has issued a Stop Work notice and ordered demolition of rehabilitation buildings flouting its norms.

Advocate Matoos, on behalf of the government, conveyed to the Bench comprising Justice Shri Y.B Chandrachud and Justice Shri Anup Mohta today at 5 p.m. at the end of the Court’s day that he has written instructions from the government. The judges asked him to file the Affidavit. Advocate Mihir Desai and Advocate Ashish Mehta informed the court that the respondents including activists Simpreet Singh and Medha Patkar have much to say on the issues at hand and will file the reply Affidavit tomorrow morning. The case will come up tomorrow before the High Court at 3 p.m.

Please do write immediate letters to the Chief Minister to desist from recalling any of the commitments made during the fast and not betray the common people of his State.

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  1. when our Indian government going to do the need full things to the poor people..god only can answer this question…good work

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