The Government agrees to shift power to the People!

A big thank you to our CM, Prithviraj Chavan! He has set the wheels of justice turning.

The Government has relented to the demands of the movement. After 9 days of fast by Medhatai Patkar and relay hunger strike by nearly 1,200 people today at the dharna site, and protests and demonstrations in different cities, and thousands of letters and faxes to the CM, the Government of Maharashtra agreed to constitute two new joint Committees with the representatives of the civil society.

At 10 am today, the Chief Secretary, Mr. Ratnakar Gaikwad is to bring the final notification to the people.

Earlier in a meeting with the Chief Secretary (on May 25) an agreement was reached. These, and one more term get notified today –

1) Accepting the proposal for 25 settlements and some more to be given in next few days to be declared as slums under the Maharashtra Slums Act, 1971 after due process, within three months.

2) A meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary to be convened along with NAPM members, Central Government officials and state officials on June 10, to consider implementing the Rajeev Gandhi Awas Yojana.

3) Activation of the existing High Powered Committee, chaired by Chief Secretary, to amend or suggest new slum policies to government of Maharashtra.

4) Two Committees to be constituted – one four-member Committee for Ganesh Krupa Society and another five-member Committee to look into 15 societies / bastis where 3K projects are to be implemented – in Golibar, Antop Hill, Ghatkopar West, Kurla, Andheri West, Bandra East and others.


Medhatai will break her fast today. We thank her and everyone who has supported this movement which reiterated that the Right to a Home is a basic right.

After the formalities are complete, we will repair our demolished homes so our elders and children can be sheltered from the monsoon rains!

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8 Responses to The Government agrees to shift power to the People!

  1. Thanks to the participants of this movement.

  2. Indipatriot says:

    I for one dont agree 100% with the result. Let us understand the ramifications. The first thing to keep in mind that these are ENCROACHMENTS, not legal paid for dwellings.

    Once that is in mind, let us understand that from now on, everytime there are demolitions of illegal shanties, some “SOCIAL WORKER” or the other will do an fast to death.

    This is no reflection on Medha Patkar, but she seriously doesnt understand what shes started. She has played directly into the hands of the Babus who were looking for an excuse to halt the demolitions….now they have one…….

    • Vinay Bhat says:

      Sir – Are cities only meant for the rich. Is housing not the right of the poor? Mumbai would survive a single day if all slum dwellers were to stop working and leave the city. Before calling these dwellings illegal, contemplate on what these were before they were made habitable by the slum residents. These were all swamps, and now that it is prime real estate, profits are being seeked on the backs of the poor. I am not sure what Babus you are talking about. I would like to find them and congratulate them if they are sympathetic towards the slum dwellers

  3. tarasnake says:

    Fantastic demands accepted?

  4. shailendra kunar says:

    this is another example what opeople can do and eally create reforms whenever they want. govt and people with power must realize now the real meaning of politics

  5. Sandeep says:


    Citizens Front in support of Gorakhpur Worker’s Movement

  6. udayan says:

    Any movement for the rights and benefits of the depressed classes deserves to be applauded!! But special care must be taken to avoid GLORIFICATION of any particular individual or Group. These tendencies are bound to play up and later on run the risk of becoming anything but genuine peoples movement.


  7. Sandeep says:

    Udayan has raised a genuine concern and every movement, groups, leaders should be very careful not to glorify an individual or a group.

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