Day 5 ends, We still wait

We wait for them to realise the gravity of the situation. This is not about a few houses only. The government has to stop demolitions across Mumbai. They have to engage us in constructive discussions, which will stop the menace of the bulldozer and give all of us who live in bastis, a right to a house.

Instead, the CM sent the Collector Zende with a promise to delay demolitions at Ganesh Krupa, and a Joint Committee to look into the issues raised by Tai. Haven’t we heard all that before?

So we wait. Medhatai’s health is faltering, but not her spirit. So we offered the Collector some chai, and sent him on his way.

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One Response to Day 5 ends, We still wait

  1. Vinay Bhat says:

    In solidarity with the slum dwellers of Mumbai who are the motor of the city and the true builders. Ladenge, jeetenge!

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