Day 4 ends, 5th day starts today


Still no response from the CM’s office. Support is pouring in from all over the country, but our very own state government refuses to address the issue at hand.

Prakash Mahajan, Controller, Enchroachments & Removal came to talk. So did the Deputy Collector and a couple of SRA engineers. We showed them proof again, of forged documents used by Shivalik Builders to cheat us. We showed them complaints and prayers we had repeatedly lodged in their office, to come and hear us. They nodded and made the right noises, and left as they’d come.

But where are the people at the top, the ones who can change things? Why won’t they come down and initiate a dialogue with us? Is the CM listening at all?

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One Response to Day 4 ends, 5th day starts today

  1. harsh t says:

    I have created a FB group called to try and gather popular support towards your cause

    Perhaps we need to start hounding politicans on twitter and also stage a protest on CM office!

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