Day 3 of fast, our Tai fights on with us

She’s losing health, we can see. 5 more of us sit with her again on a day’s fast. Representatives from other slums came and gave speeches, sang songs, gave us courage.

Mayank Gandhi from India against Corruption and Simantini Dhuru from Right to Education Campaign, Arundhati Dhuru, NAPM Uttar Pradesh, Kavita Srivastava, PUCL Rajasthan, Anuradha Talwar, Pashchim Bang Khet Majdoor Union, visited Golibar today to extend full support and solidarity to our cause, strongly condemned the atrocities meted out by the police, and the violation of human rights by the State.

Many eminent people like Kuldeep Nair, Anand Patwardhan, Justice Rajendra Sachar, Aruna Roy, Sandeep Pandey, Prashant Bhusan, Xavier Dais, Ashok Chaudhari and many others have called upon the government to immediately initiate action against the dubious role played by the Shivalik Ventures.

However, there’s no response from the government yet. In the evening, a few hundred of us set out on a march again, to warn the rest of the residents of Golibar about Shivalik builders, and urge them to stand up and fight.

Meanwhile, Tehelka has printed an investigation into the Politician-Builder nexus. A link to the article is below:

Read it. See how unchecked greed leads to a hammer on our doors. This is our appeal to you again, come stand with us, fight with us.

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