Who Stole our Reliance meters?

On January 20, 2011, the SRA brought a demolition squad into our Society. Even as they broke down 20 houses, and forcibly shifted the people’s belongings into the transit camp, one important article went missing: the Reliance electricity meters of these 20 households. These, too, were taken away, but by whom?

First we went to the Reliance Energy office. They said that they had no idea about the missing meters, since the SRA had not sent them any intimation about these.

They said that we must lodge an FIR and pay a fine of Rs. 750 per meter. These are ‘loss charges’. As if we had not suffered enough loss that day.

Predictably, the Nirmal Nagar police, who had accompanied the demolition squad that day and had harassed old, children and crippled people in our Society, refused to register the FIR.

We sent letters to Reliance’s Kalanagar and Santacruz offices asking if they knew where our meters were. We asked them to either investigate the theft or to replace the meters at no cost. After all, if meters are going to be uninstalled, Reliance Energy is supposed to intimate their customers, aren’t they?

Reliance Energy is not co-operating, and the police, SRA and builder have never helped, so maybe it’s time to switch to another power provider.

Then we went through the video footage of the demolitions and found that one of our basti kids had caught the thief in action!

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