My home. Ganesh Krupa Society, Jawahar Nagar, Khar East.

It is a slum, and like slum colonies across the city, will eventually be demolished to make way for buildings. We are not against redevelopment. Only, we insist it be just and legal. We insist on people’s participation in redevelopment.
Our houses are small, beautiful and clean. Were, until two weeks ago. Today we live in a Society ravaged by the demolition team that comes every day. The symbols of resistance are on every unbroken wall, and in every one of us – even our children – is the true spirit of Mumbai. Because we are Mumbaikars. We settled this land when it was a marshland. We are the working-classes – we run small businesses and render the services that keep this city moving, ever alive.

Today we need you, the Media, and society at large, to recognize our contribution, to come to our street and witness and support our struggle!
On February 6, 2011, at 5pm, we are holding a people’s rally at Golibar. Do Come.
Medhatai Patkar of the Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan and many supporters from outside Golibar, as well people from across Golibar will institute a PEOPLE’S COMMISSION OF INQUIRY into the Golibar Slum Redevelopment project.
We are also gathering to declare that the manner in which rehab projects are being implemented, challenge the basic Constitutional rights of the citizens of this country. We ask that the rights of the citizens be upheld. Towards that end, we demand that the State:

1. Order an immediate enquiry into the demolition violence at Golibar on the 20th of January and the subsequent 3 demolition drives which have caused irreparable loss to the people. Under which authority does an ‘eviction’ notice become a demolition drive?
2. Order enquiries into the overall fraudulent practices at ground level in the implementation of the SRA schemes – threats and harassments from brokers, forging and trickery with regard to signatures on consent forms, etc
3. Ensure that the police acts on the forgery case against the builder, as directed by the High Court.
4. Ensure that adequate compensation be provided to all those who were affected in the police violence and subsequent demolition since Jan 20th.
5. Ensure that all those evicted so far be rehabilitated in a fair manner and in accordance with the law and the orders of the High Court.
6. Order an enquiry into the circumstances under which development rights under the 3K clause is being granted to private builders, whereby they get to develop huge tracts of land with no competitive bidding.
7. Make public the investigation of Shivalik Ventures’ sources of funding.

The last point will be unveiled and elaborated to the public at the February 6th meeting.

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