Home for 40 years, Rubble Now

Yesterday, the High Court ordered the Investigating Officer of Nirmal Nagar police station, Mr Bagade, to complete the investigation in the forgery case we had filed against Shivalik Ventures four months ago. Here is the letter from our advocate. It also instructs Mr Bagade to inform the SRA that criminal investigations are on against the Jadhavs, and that they might prepare to cancel the Letter of Intent granted to Shivalik Ventures.

Letter to the Police

The Court ordered custodial interrogation of the Directors of Shivalik Ventures and some others who were party to the fraud. They had to order this because the police has been delaying the investigation. If the Jadhavs are found to be party to forgery, by law, the Letter of Intent, their license to redevelop our land would have to be cancelled.

The police and Slum Rehabilitation Authority are not slow when it comes to meting out “justice” to the poor. The bulldozers were back today. Our lawyers were waiting in Court for a hearing on a Stay Order. We waited and waited for it, but our turn did not come before 5pm.

And even as we waited, the demolition of our houses continued. Atleast a hundred police men and women crowded our lanes. Wails and abuses rose up from the doorway of each concrete, 40-year-old home that was attacked in turn. The women and children cried as their possessions – their carefully kept TVs and fridges, even their god-altars, were piled outside like rubble before the yellow-helmetted demolition men took over with their hammers.

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