The Robot Returns – Demolition Day again!

The arm of the law is Robotic. Waving the Eviction Order of 21st September 2010 at us, it is returning tomorrow to Ganesh Krupa Society. Please come to our Society and stand by us!

The court order says that we should have been provided with liveable transit accomodation and with legit rehabilitation buildings. Neither has been provided. Instead, no cognizance is being taken of the fact that there are charges of forgery against the builder, Shivalik Ventures, and charges levied by the Indian Air Force, of land-grabbing, on the SRA and the builder.

Refer to State ‘gifts’ 6 builders 500 acres of slum land, on the cover page of the Times of India today, Feb 1, 2011. A huge land scam involving the State and Shivalik Ventures is in the process of being exposed, but still the robotic Deputy Collector, his team of demolition men, and their “protectors”, the police, come.

We have been running from pillar-to-post for the last ten days to retrieve the confiscated belongings of the 19 families whose homes were demolished in the last eviction drive. These are basic necessities – food rations, clothes, beddings, utensils, children’s school books. We have even had to move the Court to instruct Mr Rokade, our Deputy Collector, to release these. Today we went to collect our things, and were met by his staff. Because the police did not follow the procedure of making Panchnamas before they took away the things, again we were turned back.

But before we left, the SRA official offered us a letter to sign – a letter accepting transit camp accomodation in exchange for our land!

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